About me

Friday night, out ’til 3, drinking, dancing, carousing.  Or home, in bed by 10?

Saturday Morning, sleeping off a hangover, groggily sloshing down strong coffee at noon trying to wake up?  Or moving out with the sunrise to visit the local farmer’s market?

I was recently in a conversation where one participant was mentioning all the cool bars in LA, and asking if I’d been to such-and-such, or such-and-such a place.  My answer of course was no, and I wondered if I was missing out on a part of the So-Cal life.  Am I missing something by not wanting to hit the downtown clubs?  Talking this over with my wife, we decided that we are definitely Saturday morning people and not Friday night people. 

Friday night people love the night life, the bar scene, hanging out until late and then sleeping away the next day.  We would much rather wake up Saturday morning, sit around reading a good book, or heading out to a farmer’s market or a used book store simply to stroll and browse. 

And so, the name for this blog unveiled itself.  Saturday Morning People is for people who enjoy slower and simpler.  You love the feel of old gilted, leather books.  You love the dry smell of old pages.  You feel no rush to find the next, better new thing.  You’re perfectly content right where you are when you are there.  You like farmer’s markets, flea markets, garage sales and antique stores.  You like staying in more than going out.  Not a homebody, but more comfortable in your jammies than your faux leather pants. 

Now, ask yourself, are you a Saturday Morning Person?  If so, you’ve stopped at the right webpage. 

Welcome to Saturday Morning People and welcome to my blog. 

This blog is going to be dedicated to the my interest in books and the book reviews I write.  It has surprised me how much I’ve enjoyed writing book reviews and even if no one is reading them at least I’ve had fun, and developed a cheap hobby.  But My wife and I decided that my book reviews have just been getting in the way of our family blog, and we can’t have that.  Our son is just too cute to make him share space with Stephen King or You Have Killed Me.  And so a dedicated book review blog was born. 

I know I’m not original.  There are hundreds of book review blogs out there.  I’ve looked.  But I hope that I will be able to find a way to make my stick out of the crowd, in a good way, of course.  Please help me by being a part of this process.  Leave comments and make suggestions.  I’d even be happy to have you as a guest blogger if you’ve got a good book to share. 

But for now let me leave you with this: What makes you a Saturday Morning Person?

You may leave your comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

But quickly, a little about me: My name is Adam.  I am a high school Language Arts teacher.  I love teaching literature, and I love reading.  I’ve almost always got a book, or two, or three going. 

I also love photography and I plan to share a lot of my photos here as well as my love of books. 

And finally, I have a wife and son that make up my whole world.  I hope that everything I do will make them proud and that I can honor them.

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