Book Ephemera

Ephemera are the things that are related to books, but are not usually books themselves.  These items, tangentially related to books, make the book experience richer and lend a depth to the collecting/reading experience.

This page will list exciting websites of all types of book ephemera.

This is the coolest coffee table ever!

For the woman on the go- bookish handbags: Handbags & Minaudieres

An old, vintage book?  Sounds good.  A camera?  I like it.  Merge the two and you get Engrained’s pinhole cameras made from old books.  Perhaps one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.  Check it out here.

The Seven Roads Gallery opened my eyes to the incredible things that people can collect that are book related.  Yet, this site does an amazing job at showing off its remarkable collection.  They have a collection of trade labels, labels that were placed inside of books that advertised the book store that sold the book.  This harkens to a day when there used to be bookstores.  They are incredible and make me wish I had such a collection.

Here is a really exciting page that takes my love of photography and merges it with my love of books.  Check out the extraordinary beauty of this Prague library in incredible detail.  This is the world’s largest indoor photograph.  See it here.

I love books like this and I hope to one day own one that has a cover that is just as beautiful as the ones as Sonya Sheets Bookbinding.

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