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There are Very Bad Men in this world…

and their stories make for very good books.

Becoming an avid reader has introduced me to so many books I don’t think I would have otherwise taken an interest in.  Very Bad Men by Harry Dolan is one of those.  The cover is of an ace of diamonds dripping with a little blood against a gray background.  It is dark, mysterious, kinda gross, and frankly-a little boring.  Not the kind of book I would normally be drawn to.

Which is why I’m glad I gave this book a try.  It was a highly entertaining crime thriller.  It was fast paced, action packed, and believable.  David Loogan is not a cop.  He is an editor of a small crime magazine called Gray Streets but he finds himself being drawn into serial killer Anthony Lark’s world.

Loogan’s involvement begins when he finds a manuscript outside his office door.  The story is about three murders and begins with “I killed Henry Kormoran.”  The difference between this and many other stories is that this manuscript wasn’t fiction.  And so the manhunt begins.

This book is being sold as a sequel to Harry Dolan’s best-selling Bad Things Happen.  And while I haven’t read that one, and don’t think the plot line is impaired as a result, I will look forward to going back and reading it at some point.