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Upped my nerd quotient a whole bunch

Pretty much every Monday, when I am going through the routine “how was your weekend?” stuff with my classes, I remind them what a total and complete nerd I am.  My weekend usually goes, as I relate to them, something like this: time with family, at the park, church on Sunday, and lots of reading.  It is beyond them that I choose to spend my free time with a book.

ImageThat is why choosing to spend my free time reading Just My Type by Simon Garfield would be so far beyond their comprehension that I would probably lose what little respect they might have for me.

To warm you up for this, watch this short video:

I think my interest in fonts began when I noticed in the publication information (yes, I read all that junk) that the font of the book was specifically mentioned.  I am aware of many different fonts thanks to Microsoft Word, but I had never thought about the choice that went in to choosing a font for a book publication.  Anyway, that prompted me to buy this book even to the ridicule of my loving parents.

I was hoping this book would be more of a history of printed type.  I had hoped it would describe the evolution of one font to the next.  I had hopped it would detail the differences between the fonts.  Unfortunately for me, it didn’t really do any of that.  I am not the intended audience for this book.  This is a book for dedicated graphic designers, and not a survey for the layman.

There were certain interesting aspects of this book; it did briefly discuss the designer and inspiration for many popular fonts, it had a few funny chapters such as the world’s worst fonts, it showed some details of obscure fonts.  But mostly, reading this book was a labor of love that by the end turned into just plain labor.

Any graphic designers out there?  Give it a try.  Let me know what you think.  For the rest of you, check out something more captivating, like Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.